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Founder's testimony

“He also brought me up out of a horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock” - ​Psalms 40:2

This is exactly what the Lord Jesus did for me on May 24, 1998.

I grew up in a dysfunctional home, with my parents divorcing when I was nine years old.  Life in the fast lane began for me at an early age.  By the time I was twelve, being around gambling, drugs, parties and illegal activities was normal for me.  My experience with drugs started when I was about fifteen when I started smoking marijuana.  By eighteen, I was selling cocaine and using it every day.  My dad and I were involved in many insurance scams which led to a large cash flow.  With a steady supply of money, I was able to bankroll an expensive habit.  At the age of twenty-two, I was standing in front of a judge, pleading guilty to two drug charges, and facing prison time.  But for me, this was just a bump in the road and afterward my addiction progressed with crystal meth.  This drug took me to a whole new level of an out of control life. The chaos did not end there, however, and by the time I was thirty, I was sticking syringes in my arm with a drug called dilaudid.  With this drug, I lost my self worth, all of my possessions, and I nearly lost my life.  I was on the run from drug dealers, the bank, the law, and from myself.  My life was out of control.

My wife of two years, Marea, had no idea what all I was involved in nor did she know how deep my addiction was.  When everything came out, she left me and took Preston (four years old).  During those two years, she had been attending East Booneville Baptist.  While she was there, a group of ladies had been meeting at the church on Wednesday nights and they had been praying for us.  I had not been to church since I was between eight and ten years old, and I had no intentions of going back.  Marea came to me one day and asked if I would join her and Preston at church.  I told her I would think about it.  I committed to go one Sunday, and when she showed up to pick me up, I backed out.  The following week was Easter Sunday, and once again I had committed to go with her; this time I fulfilled my commitment.  I went to church that Sunday and for the next several Sundays as well.  It seemed like each Sunday’s sermon was only about joy and peace.  I had neither.  Finally, on May 24, 1998, I asked God that if He was real, would He step in and take charge of my life and save my soul.

I watched as God restored my family.  I was blessed with the birth of my daughter.  I finally got my first job. I even had the privilege of seeing my dad give his life to Christ.  I could go on and on about what God has done for me.

I can tell you now, I am a satisfied customer of what HE has done in my life and in my family’s life.  I love my wife more today than ever before.  I have the privilege of being a father to my children.  I now understand what the preacher meant when he preached on peace and joy.

In February 2005, God opened up the door for me to start a ministry called Living Free Ministries to help people who are stuck in the same horrible pit I was in.  I know that Jesus is the answer, and my desire is to share that with everyone.

I really believe that Jesus can change anybody’s life. If he changed mine, HE can change yours!

Drug Addict to Dad,

Tommy Wilson

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